Friday, January 28, 2011

Lets Play Catchup with EOTDs and a haul-lette

Hey ladies!

It's been such an intense week for me due to an onslaught of homeworks and such. I have a little bit of time now before my next class (hopefully) to post this. No products will be listed but if you are interested, just let me know kay?

 Two separate days guyss! Not on the same day! I also got an Amazon gift card (which i used) to buy these shoes! I only got one thing so its a haul-lette =)

 Poopy, i forgot to turn the picture. 3.5 in heels, comfycomfy. Brand: Not Rated. Size: 8


RyHeAnNe said...

Love the combination of the first eye shadow and the boots looks so sexy...

Y said...

Thankss! I love the boots =) My boyfriend loves it as well