Thursday, May 20, 2010

I freaking love CVS beauty clearance

This is actually a 2 part post. The first part is basically my pitiful "haul" from the HUGE CVS beauty clearance. I mean, usually I bascially BUY out the store. But.... you know. This year, my CVS didn't really put that much stuff on clearance. And the stuff they did put on clearance, well, weren't very interesting. How long does this sale go on anyway? Probably a month or something becuase I'm going hauling next week and theres a CVS near that place. Heehee. I'm also planning on converting loose change at the Stop and Shop Coinstar. I can convert it to a CVS gift card and they don't take a "changing coins to dollar fee"! Yay!

Usually I don't buy Maybelline and L'Oreal. I think that their stuff is a bit overpriced (at CVS at least) for the quality. Almay Interplay mascara is my HG, but this was on sale and Almay is freakin 8 dollars (as compared to 5 at Target) so this was a good deal for me. it's like my emergency mascara. For the HIP stick in Meticulous, I don't know if I like it all that much. I guess it's good as a base (like NYX jumbos) but. It's aiight.

Crappy swatches.

OMG so exciting! I got the my contest prize from Phyrra. Thanks sweetie! Here are the Meow swatches heehee. These are from the Wild Child collection.

Lto R: Hacker, My Bad, flixting, GMTA, ROFLMAO, TMI, WTF, ROFL

As much as It'd like to put an EOTD up, my eyeliner is bacsially smudge to nowhere b/c I'm swearing off UDPP on my lower lashline. My lower lid is pretty dry SIGH. I'm planning on getting TFSI instead next time. Or stop blinking. Either one works for me.

And for my announcement! I have almost reached 100 followers! Yay! once I do, I will include another prize in my giveaway (located in the sidebar). I won't be announcing it because I think that's pretentious and it's a bit early doncha think? I know that you guys will LOVE it.



The Informed Makeup Maven said...

Define a lash is a pretty good mascara! Great buy!!!

Y said...

Yeah! I like it, although it doesn't give volume >.<