Monday, May 10, 2010

UD Strip EOTD!

Hey ladies! Today's EOTD features UD's Strip eyeshadow. It's a blue based silver. I got this in a haul with a CG shadow in Cafe Creme (sorry ladies, but I believe that it is discontinued). I have swatches below. The UD is really great, and it is comparable to the Physicians Formula Baked Smokes Trio (medium grey color). The difference is that the grey color is not as pigmented, more "matte" and more grey. If you mixed the lightest color and the medium color, you'd get something that resembled UD Strip. The Cafe Creme is like a grey taupe, not like Tapastry Taupe which is a brown taupe. If that even makes sense. Sorry if I'm rambling, here's the swatches/products/ EOTD

Left to Right: Cafe Creme, UD Strip, PF baked smokes

Products Used:
  • UDPP
  • PF Baked Smokes trio (lightest color) in the inner corner
  • UD Strip in the inner 1/3
  • Revlon Matte shadow in Venetian blue on the rest of the lid
  • Annabelle shadow (matte dk blue) in the corner
  • L'Oreal HIP cream liner in Black
  • Almay Interplay mascara in Black Flash (2 coats, I think)
  • Physician's Formula Healthy Wear Powder SPF 50 in Natural Beige
  • Back 2 the earth shadow in Earth elemental (I think. I'm too lazy to check. I love how it matches my hair!) in eyebrows.

OMG today, I have to tell you, my right eyebrow was so kinky. Not even joking. You can't really tell on my camera, but when I woke up, instead of being straight, my brows were like... curly and gross. They were really uncooperative and that made me upset. Rant over, sorry that was weird especially since usually they are well behaved.. LOL look at me talking about them like they're animals! I know you do it too!



Lillian Funny Face said...

It's a beautiful colour. And i loove your eyes. Often one or two of my eyebrow hairs goes all curly, it's so annoying!

Y said...

Yeah! I love the color! Although I would love a real metallic silver. And usually the only way for my eyebrows to go straight is for me to wet them and then dry them >:[

BLIX said...

You can get clear mascara to tame the brows. I used to do that before I started trimming the heck out of mine. Now I have no problems. :-)
Your EOTD is pretty.

Y said...

mmmm I think that I should do that! thanks Blix!

alriiight duchess said...

I always wash my face when my eyebrow hairs go kinky, if that doesnt work, the best eyebrow gel i've tried is by playboy (with a pencil on the end yay) and its now super cheap in discount stores!
lovely EOTD xx