Thursday, May 27, 2010

Review: I love my Croc (Nero)

OMG. I hope that you ladies didn't think that I was going to say that I loved Croc shoes. You know, those rubber shoes with holes in them? I don't understand how they could possibly be comfortable. They're rubber shoes. If you do like them, enlighten me please.

But, a few days ago, I bought a Turboion Croc NERO Titanium flat iron (pictured below in pink) at CVS. It retails there for 69.99. I had 2 five dollar off coupons to make it 59.99 or 60 dollars. It's expensive for a Croc Nero becuase I believe you can get these at Amazon for 40 dollars, but you do have to pay shipping. I wanted to get a Chi, but not enough money eh! Let's get on with the review.

Packaging: It comes in this plastic case which encloses the actual box. The box slides open to reveal the sleek black croc. The cord has this plastic thing that wraps around it to hold everything together. It's really useful becuase you shouldn't wrap the cord around the iron. It destroys it. Theres this little instruction manual inside thats like 3 pages. It shows how to iron hair, curl it, make flips. It also comes with a 1 year warrenty, however if this thing breaks in one year, it's really not worth the money you know? I expect my new iron to last for a few years.

Price: Again, at 70 dollars at CVS, its not too cheap. You can look for deals online though

Functions: This, I'm a bit iffy on. Let's just talk about the past first. First, my family bought me a cheap Vidal Sassoon Wet/Dry iron. It's pretty horrible, but I was in 7th grade. I didn't really use it much. However, as I got into hair, then I realized that after I used it, my hair was kinda puffy after. Also, when I slept, it would become unstraightened significantly. Why would I do it before I sleep? I don't have time in the morning to straighten my hair and do makeup. It took me 45 minutes, previously.

Now, this iron heats up to 430 degrees F. It doesnt really say how long it takes, but I estimate about a minute. Also, I hate how it doesnt have a temperature control. I mean, when I want to do touchups, I want to be able to set the iron to a lower temperature, because my hair isn't really wavy. Also, the plastic stuff around the plates get so hot. Ugh. I wonder how I'm not killing the thing. Therefore, you can't really hold the plates together at the tips. You don't need to do that though because the plates close nicely. The cord is uber long and it swivels!

Styles: I only really tried straightening and curling. Okay, whats up with those youtubers? They seem to be able to get thier hair nice and curly. I got a frizzy mess. I tried all methods and it's not working. I can't comment on the curling aspect at all becuase I'm pretty damn incompetent at that.

Before and After Pictures:

The pictures speak for themselves. Also, after I woke up the next morning, I only needed a minor touchup. Like I didn't even bother because I'm lazy. I apologize for my roots. UGH. I will be dyeing them next week. Do you want a post on that? Let me know!

Overall, I like this iron. I'm not going to be looking for another, but I don't think that I'll be buying this again purely becuase I want to upgrade to a FHI or GHD you know? I mean, this is assuming that I'll have saved enough money to get those irons. If i were a bit broke, I'd probably get this again.


Brooke said...

hahaha this made me laugh - I'm glad you don't love Crocs the shoes :) haha. I can't IMAGINE how those things could be comfortable - they look SO UNCOMFORTABLE to me! They are rubber! lol

Cute flat iron!!

Y said...

LOL you are so right. I've had people try to convince me that they are comfortable. Ridiculous!

Lily said...

Lol I don't like crocs in any way but I wear my mom's crocs at home when I clean and they are actually comfy and convenient. but I would NEVER wear them out.

Tammy said...

Hhahah I like Crocs! XD

Heather / Eyeconic said...

Oh god I was so worried you actually liked Crocs! thank goodness :D My straightener is just something crappy I got at Walgreens or CVS... my hair is poofy, so I don't waste money for a GOOD iron when I don't really need it. My hair won't curl either :( I used to curl it for dances and stuff, but it just refuses to now.

Leesha-Rae said...

Hahaha...I totally thought you were gonna say you love CROCS. OMG...I'll never understand it!!

Y said...

@Lily- LOL well at home, you can wear whatever because there's privacy at home!

@Tammy- oh LOL okay!

@Heather-AH! It's nice to know that I'm not the only person with really unruly hair

@Leesha Rae- LOL I will never understand it either

Red said...

LOL OK, first of all the shoes. Granted the only place I think I'd ever wear crocs in public is at the beach (let's face it, they'd stay on better than flip flops & would be SUPER easy to clean!) I have slipped my niece's on from time to time just to run out to get the mail or something if her shoes were closer than mine... and they are surprisingly comfortable.

I could not figure out how to curl my hair with my flat iron either, despite watching numerous girls on youtube do it so effortlessly. Then I did finally find a video that shows very clearly how it's done - I can't imagine going back to hot rollers/curling irons now that I've got the hang of this method. Definitely check out that video and see if it helps you out! =D

Y said...

@ Red OMG thanks for the tip on the vid! I'm going to watch it now and try it out! I guess you are right. Crocs would be good for the beach.