Monday, May 3, 2010

Swap Haul and Quick fashion question for you fashionable ladies

Hey my fashionable ladies! How's everyone today? I meant to put this post up over the weekend, but it's been SO FREAKING HOT. UGH. And muggy. I mean, it went from 40 degrees to 80 in a period of literally 2 days. Also, it's been really really humid (haha like the eyeshadow) and my concealer/NYX jumbo pencils melted a bit. Ugh. Yeah, they're easier to work with, but it's gross...

I know that you ladies from the South are probably laughing now, but I THINK THAT 80 DEGREES IS QUITE WARM! I'm in the North, so... anything over 70 is horrid LOL.

Here's my swapsies with 2 ladies. I don't remember what I swapped unfortunately.... I got TKB trading in Manganese Violet, Electric Cosmetics' pink mineral eyeshadow, Chill Curve by Liz Clairborne, ELF mineral lipstick in Nicely Nude.

Some quick thoughts: I LOVE this new perfume, even though it is a EDT instead of EDP. It's alright. I've actually been planning for a long time to buy some beeswax, vitamin e oil and make some solid perfumes, but it's not like I have time now! Maybe when I get back from college over the winter break. I'll have a month of time then! LOL! It starts out as this light citrus/flowery smell then goes into a more warm and muskyness. I usually don't like warm smells, but this is aiight. I HATE AMBER. that's gross okay.
And how is that nicely Nude? It pulls a brighter pink on me, put it doesn't go too opaque, so it's not like Viva Gaga. Thankfully. I don't think this is nude at all.. but it's a cute pink.

Anyway, I'm calling all fashionistas! Even if you don't think that you are a fashionista, who cares! Go comment becuase I love all opinions. So, I've been working on this skirt, but I'm kinda stuck! It currently looks a bit BRIDAL, which no offense to people who like that, it's not my style. I'm not a real "bridal" kinda person. I like girly/vintage, but still with a bit of a kick. Ya know?

Tell me, what do I need to add? Don't worry about items. I've got fake flowers, faux pearls, fabrics in all colors etc. Well, here's the skirt in progress. Sorry about the crotch shot, but I needed to display the fabric on the outside of the skirt.


Lillian Funny Face said...

Hmm i like the skirt as it is but i think it would look great if you slung some pearls around! And maybe put on a wide waistband of another colour? Sorry couldn't help more.

Heather / Eyeconic said...

I hate amber too, gross. That skirt is beautiful, I really love it :) Maybe do a wave of flowers down one part?

Y said...

@Lillian- Thanks for the help! Any help is appreciated. I do love the idea of the pearls. I have to experiment with that!

@Heather- I definately like that idea! I have some small purple flowers that I might be able to use!