Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yays for swapping!

I think that swapping is one of the 8th wonders of life.

No, not really. It really isn't.

Maybe to fellow beauty addicts it is. I like trading stuff that I'm never going to use for stuff that I kinda actually need you know? So I am always scouring MUA for new ways to get rid of stuff and for some new stuff to get. Yeah, I know that there are risks, thats why I don't go for used mascara, lipglosses, lippies are dipped in rubbing alcohol, etcetcetc. I'm actually planning on getting a spray bottle (like mini sized) from CVS to like fill with alcohol. Its to quickly sanitize whatever when I'm in college. Who says that colleges are clean?

Anyway, enough ranting. Here is my weekly swap haul.

L to R: L'Oreal HIP cream liner in Midnight Blue, MAC pigment sample in Golden Olive, Unnamed pigment sample (probably from Coastal Scents), E.L.F mineral lipsticks in Pouty Petal, Party Pink and Rosy Raisin.
I AM OBSESSED with E.L.F mineral lippies. They are only 3 dollars each and they wear well for the price. However, they do look horrid if your lips are even slightly dry. That's more motivation to always put on lip balm at night and exfoliate. I tried them on, but I'm quite dissapointed at thier sheerness. They don't cover my pigmented lips as well as Nicely Nude (E.L.F mineral lipstick) Perhaps it's time I find a realy thick, nude lip liner? Tips anyone?


Tammy said...

Swaps are definitely a great place to test out new products, looks like you scored a few goodies to try too :)

Beauty Vibes said...

Pouty Petal and Party Pink look nice! I use an Essence lipliner in 02 pink brown myself, it's not a perfectly nude one but it fits the colour of my lips best <3

Allister Bee said...

follow me, followed you.


Y said...

@Tammy-Yes, I totally agree!

@Beauty Vibes- Ooo! I have to check that out now!

@Allister Bee- Gotcha'! I will do so!

BLIX said...

Great swatches! I would suggest NYX lip liners. I have several and I really like them. They have a few nude/natural liners that look nice with my nude lipsticks. And they are priced very well. :-D

Cris said...

Lovely swaps :D.

For lips, [on me, anyway] high SPF lip balm tones down their natural colour. I wouldn't call mine pigmented though. But maybe it'll work for you.

Y said...

@ Blix- Yes! I must find an ulta so I can try them out!

@Cris- It's nice to have you back! I should try that!