Friday, April 24, 2009

Drugstore Lipstick: Violet Shine

Hello hello ladies, how are you today? So, I decided on a whim to pick up a NYC lipstick. The one that I got was Ultra Moist Lipwear. It comes with a round cap and it doesn't twist all the way down. Like you can see the tip and thats annoying. But more on that later. I'm actually quite impressed with the color. It is NOT the strange violet you see on the website. It's more of a berry pink color.

The color is definately my color. It's basically, my lips plus some berries. I love it. The smell is definately a plus. I'd classify it as a fruit ish smell, but you can't smell it unless you shove the thing into your nostril, which is not something I'd recommend doing. After Rimmel's lipstick, this is much better.
I don't believe that it's very moisturizing at all. I feel like it sinks into your lips, but still manages to get that lipstick bit onto a glass cup. But besides that, I'd call it almost transfer proof, if that even makes any sense. My lips feel dry, instead of moistureized. I'd recommend using a chapstick on top or underneath. Have I mentioned that this is only 99 cents? Much better.
What I really hate is the fact that the lipstick doesn't twist all the way down. A little tip is present. It's good that you can see it, but it's really easy to smush the tip when you're in a hurry and you close the tube badly. Like it's so easy to just take the cap and slice the tip in half. This will have to be melted down... after I get a lipbrush.
Also, i hate how the top is jiggly. Like it can fall off at any minute. Again, I recommend melting it down into a better and more secure jar. You'll save your belongings and lipstick that way.
I'm not too crazy about the non-moisturizing ness but I'll deal with it.
In the end, I definately recommend this, which is surprising because I've tried this brand before. The eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow kinda sucked. I hated them. The only reason why I picked this up is because on Makeupalley, people seem to like this.... I dont' know. It's so much better than Rimmel with it's play-doh-ey smell. Save your 5.50 and get 5 of these instead.
Toodles <3

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