Monday, April 27, 2009

Swapping "Haul"

Sooo... Today, I have finally recieved the three packages that I have been so anxiously waiting for. I will be reviewing and showing what I have aquired from this so called "haul". Beware, this will be a long post. Plenty of pictures to break up the wordss. So, I will be sorting this by who gave me what. K? okay! Let's begin with the Frosted Lilac eyeshadow from NYX and Romantic Red lipstick from Ulta. I traded a lipilicious lipgloss in Dipped Strawberries and a Sally hansen nail polish in Sand Lots.

The three packets on the bottom are sample eyedust things. One is actually a pale pink, the other is a salmon pink and the middle is the fuschia. There doesn't seem to be much in there but whatever. The Romantic red is AMAZING. I just love the color. I find it to be a good neutral red. I was thinking about going to MAC or Clinique to get a red, but this is good enough. NYX eyeshadows are actually not that bad for a d/s like brand. I'm calling it drugstore because its kinda cheap. Anywayy, they're soft but they show up ugly like on my camera. It looks BLUE. It's a lilac color with a frost finish (hence the name Frosted Lilac). So, the camera really gets the sheen from that. They are pigmented enough. It's definately more pigmented than a covergirl eyeshadow. About the level of HIP shadows for me. And those are pretty damn pigmented. Excuse the language
NEXTTTT with new colorrr. I swapped a body splash in Love Spell with samples of Pear Glace and Pure Seduction for a Mango Tango Lipstick from Loreal. I also got Lancome sample shadows in Petal and something else. I think that I got a sample perfume from FCUK from her, but I could be mistaken. I also got samples of the Thermasilk shampoo/conditioner.

I am quite happy with the Mango Tango. It's pretty pigmented. It is actually a color juice stick by Loreal. It's supposed to be a cross between a gloss and a lipstick. I like it a lot. The pigmentation is nice and it's a rosy color. I was afraid that it would be too warm, but it has enough brown, but not a lot. It's definately smooth and creamy, but not sticky like a lipgloss. It leaves serious "cup stains" which is my word for when your lipstick leaves a mark on the rim of the cup. I'm going to have to find a way to combat that. Noone likes a lipstick stain like that. Anyway, that's not even the point. I would buy this on my own, except for the fact that this is 10 dollars. I don't believe that I would pay 10$ for a drugstore lipstick. I'd rather take that money and save for a MAC or Clinique lipstick. I'm glad that I got this in a swap. Lancome is a pale pink and purple. Pink is not even visible. Whatever.
Lastly, 3 bare minerals empty sample jars for 2 styli-style pencils. No extras, but who cares. I'm not picky about that. I'm happy for them so I can melt my lipsticks down. I want to do that with my NYC violet shine because the packaging sucks. I should do a tutorial about turning empty eyeshadow into travel kits for lipsticks. I'll do that LATER after exams and after I have enough lipsticks to make a worthy pallete.

Blahblah. That was pretty boringgg.
Well, it was fun talking to you ladies <3>

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