Friday, April 3, 2009

Random Ranting

Today officially marks the beginning of SPRING BREAK! OMG YAYY! Well, I still need to do work (as always) but its a good time to procrastinate a bit and maybe get some more clothing/makeup and get more songs off Itunes.
Like Lady Gaga. I love her. seriously.
I'm in love with her song Disco Heaven. It's one of the songs that I will love forever so far, along with Armaggeddon- Alkaline Trio, Morseton- Heiko&Maiko, and What you waiting for?- Gwen Stefani.Yes, three of these songs are house music ish songs. Haha.
However, I do hate Miley Cyrus. I just don't like the songs. Sorry to all you Miley Cyrus fans out there.
You know what I really hate though? How CVS's prices are a tad bit higher than other places. It's really annoying. Its not like I live near anywhere else (walking distance wise). I mean yes, its like a dollar more expensive or like 40 cents whatever, but after a while, things add up. And the extrabucks or whatever isn't too great. Yes, it's nice to get money back, but its like every 50$ you spend you get 1$ back. But sometimes theres the buy 20$ of loreal and get 5$ back... which is okay. Haha.
you know, i wish that I lived near a walgreens. I want to pick up some ecotools, try those Wet and wild eye pot things, and yeah. CVS doenst have those things.
speaking of eyeshadows, HATE maybelline/covergirl ones. I like the Loreal ones aiightish. I like how they are pigmented, but sometimes, not true to color. I believe that I have three duos in Gunmetal (olive/ supposedly emerald green), Spirited (bright blue and dk navy), and Gilded (True gold and a gross brown/grey/black thingie). got 7.99, its okay. I believe they are a dollar cheaper other places? someone correct me if I'm wrong.
Maybelline and covergirl stuff arent THAT great. I dont know. But I do like Covergirls' professional mascara. Its in the purple tube. Its decent.
Now, I must go back to working on my Chem lab. <3>

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