Friday, April 17, 2009

Swap Results

Sooo... I have finally completed my swap with xxoomdj. She's such a nice girl and I had such a good time. I'm also so happy with all the samples I got. I felt kind of bad because all I sent was a couple of perfume samples, but I got samples of Estee Lauder shadow (quad), Lancome shadow duos, a styli-style pencil in brown (flat liner) and an Sally Hansen khol thing.
I refuse to use the khol thing and the flat liner because they are super old. Love the shadows, but the Estee Lauder quad was a real bitch to depot. Yes, I'm obsessed with depotting shadows into my CD case magnetic palette (Learned from Enkore on youtube. LOVE!) Lancome was so easy because on the back, theres those holes to push the shadows out. But the tin has little ridges on the bottom so its a real pain to get the glue off. Oh and how hard is it to depot those shadows from the Estee Lauder Quad? I had to pick out the shadows, then REPRESS them. I was nicking all the shadows like crazy. Wow.
Pictures of the Extras: BTW. I traded for a Revlon nail polish, Iced Mocha

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