Thursday, April 9, 2009

Revlon Matte Shadow- Rich Sable

Okay, I actually bought this a while back, but I haven't had time to really experiment with it and test it out. Also, I will be doing a small review on the color Venetian Blue, but not in depth because its my sisters, not mine. Okay, lets begin with Rich Sable, number 009 (I think) This is a rich dark brown. I don't see any reddish undertones at all. It's pretty neutral.

Isn't great? I really like it. The left is with no base and the right is with base. I was actually surprised at the level of pigmentation, especially since it is a d/s brand. C'mom, its Revlon, not Urban Decay.

It claims to be: Suede-like powder eye shadow glides over lids, providing high impact color and a soft matte finish.

Yes, its pretty soft. I actually like this thing. It's not chalky like Maybelline expert eyeshadow duos. Those just sucked. Oh and those stripes I was talking about... they aren't stripes. They're ridges. The eyeshadow isn't flat like most shadows. It has a mountain-like structure on the top. You know those paper fans that kids make to keep cool? Well put that on a table and thats what a Revlon shadow looks like. It's mildly irritating, but I'll get over it.

Now, Venetian Blue in 006? Wow, this shade is really nice. It looks like a dupe for MACs electric eel. I wouldn't know because I don't own electric eel, but I've heard from people on youtube. haha.

Wow, my camera sucks, but what can I do? Anyway, its pretty obvious that the one on the right is the eyeshadow with base. Isn't it so pigmented? It's incredible. I'm actually impressed, and I'm impressed by nothing. Seriously. I'm totally jealous of my sister and I must get one for myself.

I cannot wait to try out the other colors actually. I want Aubergine (dk. purple), Riviera Blue (Navy), Venetian Blue, and Tempting Teal

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