Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pain-Free eyebrow plucking MIRACLE

Let me be the first to admit it. I'm such a baby. I cannot tolerate any pain at all. It's slightly pathetic. When I was like 7 or 8, i would start SCREAMING and crying and throwing a tantrum at the doctor's office BEFORE the needle was even stuck into my arm. In other words, I'm a sissy.
Yet, I wanted to pluck my eyebrows (at age 16... not 7 haha). I tried once with my Trim tweezers (they're okay. I have to pick up the tweezermans at walgreens. I believe you can get them there. They're on the Walgreens website). Wow. It hurts. I mean I am an admitted pain baby, but this is ridiculous. It's like getting the flu shot on your eyebrows.
Well.. maybe its not that bad, but still. It hurt. Then, I found this cream/gel thing called ANBESOL! YAYY! It's supposed to be a pain relief thing. Let's pull up the website:
Okay, no nvm. This description is really long. But in short, it's a numbing gel that takes away pain from cold sores etcetc. It sells for 7.99 at CVS for .33 oz. Right now, there this coupon for 1 dollar off. This works. Really well. Reallyreally well.
Okay, not THAT well, but it does take away the pain of eyebrow plucking. And don't expect for it to be like "OMG I CANNOT FEEL MY EYEBROWS! BOTOX LIKE!". No. You actually don't feel anything. You'll know that it's working when you go to pull on the hair, and it just slides out with minimal pain. Also, you can't just squish out this microscopic bit and expect it to be effective. No, you have to slop it on. Not that much, but enough.
Love this thing. Hate how its 7.99 for the tube, but what do you expect me to do? Scream my butt off everytime I pluck my eyebrows? No. I'll take that thank you.

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