Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tutorial: Making a sample lip pallette

So, today is a new day. Time for a new font color and font thingie! So, before I make my packaged delivery (new swapping), I decided to make a tutorial on a sample lip pallette. You can use this when sending an extra, for travel, if you're super OCD and like to order things, I dont know. Its good for that. XD
What you need:

  • A plastic knife. I used a stupid spoon b/c I didn't have one.
  • An empty shadow or quad or duo or whatever plastic thing. You know those MAC empty black containers you back to MAC for? I'm not talking about the pan thing. You'll see what I mean. I'm using an sample sized Estee Lauder quad.
  • Lipsticks of choice (I used Romantic Red, Airy Fairy, Mango Tango, and Violet Shine)
  • Rubbing alcohol to sanitize
  • Something to melt the lipsticks. I used my incandesent lamp. You can melt the lipsticks before hand in a little tin thing over the stove and pour it in. Whatever gets the job done.


  • It goes without saying. SANITIZE. OR ELSE. Do you know how much bacteria is on this? Gross.
  • I already did three pan things. So, cut a little bit of the lipstick. I'm doing Romantic Red by Ulta. Put the slice in the empty eyeshadow pot place.
  • <-- See how there is no eyeshadow tin thing? It's just the plastic.
  • Melt it down. I held it under a lightbulb. If you do that, make sure to really keep it steady. All the other lipsticks will also melt down and you want a nice flat surface right? Okay! Moving forward. If you don't have enough to cover the plastic bottom, just slice off some more slivers and pop that in there.
  • Cool. If theres nasty residue on the sides (like I do), just wipe that off with a q-tip. The end result is on the right.
Yes, I know that the picture isn't right side up, but I'm not going to change it. Isn't it cute? I love it.

Words of Wisdom
  • Do yourself a favor, and don't use those eyeshadow things with the hole in the bottom. Examples are Milani or Revlon Matte. When you go to depot the shadow metal tin, you can find a hole (sometimes) on the bottom hidden usually by a label. DON'T USE THESE. I've learned the hard way.... Don't even ask.


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